Announcing the launch of the Tech Lead Academy

I’m very happy to announce the launch of the Tech Lead Academy ( The goal of the academy aligns well with my personal mission of “Accelerating the growth of other technical leaders“. I have many different ways to do this – from coaching and mentoring, running my Tech Lead workshop and now I have the Tech Lead Academy.


There are many advantages to learning from the Tech Lead Academy:

  • Timeless – Once you have access to a course, you will have access to the content for life. This means you can revisit the material when you’re struggling with a particular topic and learn from it again.
  • On-demand – Unlike an in-person workshop, you will be able to view course materials whenever you have an Internet connection and when you like. Some you will find this particularly useful to help fill in commuting time.
  • Remote-first – No longer do you have to wait until a workshop is available in you area. You can find a topic you are interested in, sign up and complete this wherever you have an Internet connection.
  • Highly Relevant – The topics that will come out are extremely relevant to the challenges faced by all Technical Leaders. In this fashion you can sign up for the topics that are most relevant to your current situation. Learn a new skill that you want help leveling up. Review an existing skill you have based on the topic that most interests you.

This brings us to the start…

The First Course: Time Management for Technical Leaders

I’ve worked on a topic I know is very relevant for all people, “Time Management for Technical Leaders“. I know managing time is something many technical leaders struggle with. No one gets taught how to manage their time. I’ve learned by observing others, slowly adding tips and tools to my own approach. In this course, I share all of these tips and advice with participants. You will learn:

  • Why time management is important, particularly if you’re in leadership or management role.
  • Learn several common mental models for prioritising and categorising work
  • Understand more about the tension between the Technical-Oriented and People-Oriented worlds and how to manage these effectively
  • Discover 6 universal laws when it comes to managing time and their implications
  • Find out why not all time is the same and why that’s important
  • Discover 3 productivity frameworks to get your started

Invest a little of your time today, to maximise your effectiveness in the future. Enrol now here.

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