Book Recommendations By Engineering Leaders

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I’m stunned to have met several people in my career who proudly say, “I have never read a [technical/leadership] book.” I certainly acknowledge information is readily available via blogs, newsletters (like Level Up 😉) , podcasts, videos and more. At the same time, books offer an amazing opportunity to delve deeply into topics. Participants in my tech lead training course receive a copy of a recommended reading list (all of which I’ve read) but I’m always interested in learning what others recommend and why. This lead to this question on twitter with many replies I felt needed to be captured as an article.

Below you’ll find an aggregate list of the books in alphabetical order, roughly categorised. You can see who recommended what book and why. (Disclaimer: Links are affiliate where I earn a small commission if you choose to buy them).

Product or Business Books

Team and Organisation Culture


Software Engineering

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