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I receive a number of requests through this blog, in my workshops and through Level Up, a curated newsletter for leaders in tech about connecting with other technical leaders. I see a lot of value in connecting with people in a similar, or slightly different situation for co-mentoring opportunities and to be exposed to different approaches or people. I also recognise that building and managing an inclusive community takes a lot of effort.

A community offers engineering leaders support

Instead of trying to build and manage another community I thought it would be useful to provide a curated list of engineering and technical leadership communities for others. Since this is a curated list, I’ve tried to include communities which:

  • Focus on engineering leadership or technical leadership roles;
  • Have measures in place to build an inclusive community such as having a Code of Conduct and a set of moderators or a process in place to enforce the Code of Conduct; and
  • Are free to join (no membership fees)

List of Engineering Leadership Communities

Open the link below to view the joining instructions for each of these communities.

  • CTO Craft Community (~2K members) – Although this community says it’s a CTO community there are many participants at all levels who take part in this. There is a free membership option which gives you the ability to join their slack group.
  • Engineering Managers Slack Group (~3K members) – As taken from their landing page, “Our group is a safe, confidential space for engineering managers new to the role to chat and support each other.”
  • LeadDev Slack (~7K members) – The LeadDev run many events (some paid, some free) for engineering leaders and while their slack group is relatively quiet, you often see bursts of activity around events and still a great place to connect with other engineering leaders.
  • Lidr (~400 members) – A slack community run by a commercial leadership training company from Spain, with mostly European members.
  • Rands Leadership Community (~15K members) – Started by well known technical leader and most recent author of “The Art of Leadership“, Michael Lopp.

Know of a community that should be added? Reach out and let me know via email or send me a message on twitter (@patkua).

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