The Essential Guide to Taming Hypergrowth

During my time as CTO at N26, I experienced first hand a company experiencing hypergrowth. As a leader responsible for managing and scaling tech, I researched what hypergrowth means and how others handled it. I found tips, advice and many lessons learned relevant for the situation I was facing.

The advice and links are still useful to companies experiencing normal growth. However in hypergrowth mode, you often don’t have a chance to course correct and elements can quickly magnify so are more important to address during hypergrowth.

These articles proved useful for me and by sharing them, I hope they prove useful for you. I’ve listed the articles in time published/updated and I’ll aim to periodically update page to keep it fresh. Email me if you also have a link you think should be on this page.

Rocket Launch
Riding the rocketship that is hypergrowth

What is Hypergrowth?

Articles defining, characterising and categorising the differences between hypergrowth and growth or rapid growth.

Recruiting and Retention

Hypergrowth demands new capabilities and experiences. Teams in hypergrowth rarely have the time to build the skills and experiences which is why you often need to look for outside help. It’s important to look at your recruiting teams, processes and especially onboarding processes. Don’t forget that retention goes hand-in-hand with recruiting.

These articles give you ideas about how others have approached, iterated and transformed their recruiting and retention strategies.

Organisational Structure and Process

Changes to structures and processes are where you get a lot of leverage to continually optimise for your situation. These articles give you an idea about what breaks at different parts of the journey and what you might do to improve the situation.

Company Culture

Advice for Leaders and Managers

These articles offer personal advice from leaders, reflections or articles that crossed many categories at the same time.

Personal Growth

Tips, personal reflections on individuals experiences working in a company experiencing hypergrowth.

Further Reading Resources

A list of related books and other relevant resources:

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