Patrick has presented at many events hundreds of times on topics ranging from Continuous Delivery, DevOps, TDD, Systems Thinking, Feedback, Retrospectives, Pair Programming, Automated Testing, Lean Software Development, Learning, Performance Testing, Agile and more. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Invited to keynote Bloomberg’s internal EMA inaugural Engineering Manager conference on the “Evolution of Engineering Management.
  • Keynote for Software Architecture Summit, “Scaling Architecture Decision Making
  • Guest lecturer at FHWien der WKW, “A modern approach to IT architecture
  • Guest keynote to Heineken’s inaugural Architecture Guild
  • Keynoting the inaugural Lead Dev Berlin with the talk “Levelling Up: The Way of the Lead Developer
  • Keynoting W-Jax Munich on a talk about “Building Evolutionary Architectures
  • Being a panelist at the London Facebook Leadership Summit discussing “Lessons Learned through Rapid Growth
  • Holding a customer keynote with Werner Vogels at the AWS Summit, Berlin, Germany
  • Did the opening talk at Landing Festival (Berlin, Germany) discussing the “The Well-Rounded Architect
  • Doing the opening keynote at the inaugural Lead Developer Austin where I talked about “Levelling Up: The Way of the Lead Developer
  • Opened the Lead Developer Conference (London, UK) talking about the “Constant Life of a Lead Developer”
  • Provided closing keynote for the first day at NewCrafts (Paris, France) on the “Well Rounded Architect”
  • Keynoted the first O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference (London, UK) with a topic on “High Performing teams” and a talk on the “Well Rounded Architect”.
  • Spoke at SATURN (San Diego, USA) on the topic of “Evolutionary Architecture” and won the Architecture in Practice Presentation Award.
  • Lectured as part of a Masters’ Program at UCL (London, UK) on “Implementing Continous Delivery”
  • Held the closing keynote for an internal GDS (London, UK) conference for Architects and Tech Leads on “Why Technical Leadership” matters

Please get in touch if you’re interested in one of these topics.