This pages lists all of the books that Patrick Kua has published. Scroll down to find the wide variety of topics that accelerate technical leaders.

Building Evolutionary Architectures (2017)

The way that we build software today continues to change as constraints and the environment continues to evolve. This book captures an intentional approach to building software systems designed for constant change.

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Talking with Tech Leads (2014)

Interviews with a range of Tech Leads captured at different stages of their leadership journey including the struggles, challenges and tips.

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The Retrospective Handbook (2012)

What happens when you have taken part and also participated in hundreds of retrospectives? What are common issues? How do you keep them fresh? This book provides concrete advice to those looking to maximise the value of retrospectives.

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The ThoughtWorks Anthology 2 Book Cover

The ThoughtWorks Anthology 2 (2012)

A collection of essays looking at the start of the art of software development. In this book, Alistair Jones and I contributed an essay on “Extreme Performance Testing“, an experience report from applying Extreme Programming Practices to a performance critical software system. The Pragmatic Programmers published this book.

97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know Book Cover

97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know (2009)

O’Reilly started a series collecting tips from various industry people. In this version, I contributed a number of tips for doing effective Project Management in a tech field. You can read it online on the Safari platform.