Building Evolutionary Architectures

How do your software systems cope with constant change? Learn how to make your software systems more supple with Building Evolutionary Architectures

Building Evolutionary Architectures Book Cover

Building Evolutionary Architectures

The pace of software delivery is continually speeding up. The edges of what differentiates software design and architecture are blurring even more together.

In this book, we explore the question – “What would change if we designed a system to support constant change?” We look at everything that affects the pace of software change – including many common software design approaches and the cultural and organisational designs that are also necessary to keep up with the constant pace of change.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Software Architecture
  • Fitness Functions
  • Engineering Incremental Change
  • Architectural Coupling
  • Evolutionary Data
  • Building Evolvable Architectures
  • Evolutionary Architecture Pitfalls and Antipatterns
  • Putting Evolutionary Architectures into Practice