Coaching and Mentoring

Update Jan 2022: I have space for 1-2 new clients for coaching/mentoring in 2022. Please reach out and tell me a bit more about what you are looking for.

Coaching and Mentoring makes a difference

Are you a VP/Director of Engineering or CTO in a company with a tech team of 50+ people? Get support from a technical leader who has been there before through coaching and mentoring. Talk through issues with someone who understands your challenges but can provide a much more independent an unbiased viewpoint.

What topics have you covered in the past?

Having coached and mentored 100s of technical leaders and engineers, I have covered a huge breadth of various topics that accelerated each person’s personal journey. Some example scenarios include:

  • How to deal with a difficult conflict or situation within the team you’re leading
  • Where to invest for the most impact on personal growth
  • How to increase the success and conversion rate of your recruiting process
  • The best approaches to successful onboarding of new employees and, just as importantly, how to retain them over time
  • Influencing non-technical stakeholders
  • Building strong relationships with peers or people outside of your direct day-to-day relationship
  • Discussing trade-offs in making a difficult and wide-reaching decision about topics such as organisational structure, new roles, promotion or firing and more.

Why coaching and mentoring?

Technical leaders often feel like they are working alone. You can’t discuss sensitive topics with your team as it may negatively impact them. You might not be able to discuss topics that involve your peers because they have different motivations. You don’t want to put additional pressure on your partner because you want to respect the different work-life boundaries. Where do you go for support?

If you feel like you are trapped in this situation then finding coaching and mentoring support can be for you.

What makes coaching and mentoring successful?

At the end of the day, successful coaching and mentoring relies on a good, open relationship between people. Some people prefer coaches or mentors from completely different fields. Others prefer to talk to people who have “walked the path before” because people feel like the coach/mentor can build a faster context.

Want to know more?

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