Remote Tech Lead Training

Many companies have requested options to support their existing and future technical leaders in a distributed context. The Tech Lead Workshop draws on interactive activities best suited for a classroom activity so an alternative training format is available below.

What does this remote training look like?

The current option for distributed teams is a series of three 120 minute sessions, each spaced 2 or 3 weeks apart. Additionally, participants will receive a free electronic copy of Talking with Tech Leads after the first session.

  • Session 1 (What is a Tech Lead?) – Explores the role, context and responsibilities of a Tech Lead. We cover variations, how the role adapts and concrete tools and frameworks to support new and experienced Tech Leads.
  • Session 2 (Distributing Decision Making) – How we cover decision making structures ideal for distributed teams.
  • Session 3 (Ask Me Anything) – An opportunity to learn from an experienced technical leader on any/all topics that are most relevant.

How does each session work?

All sessions are planned for 120 minutes. For sessions 1 & 2, the first 60-90 minutes will be a presentation, with the rest of the time planned for specific questions relevant to the specific topic. For session 3, participants would prepare questions they would like answered and we would go through them in prioritised order.

Frequently asked questions

  • What will participants receive? They will receive a free electronic copy of Talking with Tech Leads and electronic copies of slides used during the first two sessions.
  • Are there any activities for any of the sessions? Not at this time, no.
  • Why not have a single training day? Being distributed and remote offers a different opportunity from in-person training where people are in the same room. In this case, participants can pick up smaller lessons learned and have an opportunity to apply them before the next session. This typically feeds more questions and additional insights for participants.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum set of participants? In the current form, there is no minimum or maximum set of participants.
  • Does the price change depending on the number of participants? No, the training fee is a fixed price – please get in touch as outlined below.

Interested in this offering? Get in touch!

Get in touch via email and let me know about what you’re looking for.