(Online Course) Shortcut to Tech Leadership: Accelerate Your Journey From Maker to Multiplier

This is an online guided course that accelerates your tech leadership journey. This training course will boost your skills, accelerate your career development, offer you tools and tricks to lead technical teams and guide you through the journey from maker to multiplier.

Tickets for Q3/4 2022 will on sale from July 2022

If you’re interested in having this run as a private course, please get in touch.

What will you learn in this course?

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what technical leadership is, and why it’s important for successful teams
  • Explain what effective technical leadership looks like
  • Describe your Technical Vision in depth
  • Outline 8 foundation principles of effective technical leadership
  • Identify the different behaviours of Makers and Multipliers
  • Use 5 foundation skills that Multipliers draw upon a daily basis

Who is the target audience?

You will benefit the most from this course if you are:

  • A software engineer wanting to increase their influence
  • A software engineer looking to transition into a Lead Developer, Tech Lead, Staff Engineer or Engineering Manager role
  • A technical leader early on their journey who want to quickly level up their skills
  • An experienced technical leader who want to refresh and refine their existing skills

What does this course cover?

Course sections include:

  • Exploring Technical Leadership – We explore the breadth and focus of effective technical leadership.
  • Leading Technical Topics – We focus on building a technical vision and cover 8 principles of effective technical leadership
  • Maker to Multiplier – We show the differences between being a maker (i.e. software engineer) to being a multiplier (i.e. a technical leaders) including 5 keys to being a successful multiplier.
  • Next Steps – What happens after the workshop and what you can do to continue your technical leadership journey.

What do you need for this training course?

This is an online, interactive, fully remote course. For the best experience you will need:

  • Internet – Good, reliable Internet access. Recommended minimum is 1Mb/s with access to http://zoom.us, http://miro.com and http://menti.com (please validate your company doesn’t have a firewall that blocks these sites)
  • Computer – A computer with the ability to run Zoom and a web browser concurrently. Recommended minimum specifications include: CPU 2,8 GHz (dual-core i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent), 4GB RAM.
  • Webcam and microphone – As there are group activities, it is recommended you have a webcam and microphone
  • Video Conferencing Software – The course runs via Zoom. It is recommended you use the native Zoom client (i.e. not the web client).
  • A modern Internet Browser – We will use a number of web-based tools. It is recommended you use one of the following: Chrome 52.0 or later, Firefox 52.0. or later, Safari 10 or later, Internet Explorer 11 or later, Edge version 15 or later. Please check you can access http://miro.com and http://menti.com
  • Time – This workshop runs for 4 hours.

How does this course run?

Your trainer (Pat Kua) will guide you and your cohort through the course using a variety of methods optimised for a fully remote, digital world. Research shows that deeper learning occurs when you interact, apply and practice the material. This course uses short lectures, interactive polls, Q&A breakouts, individual and group exercises and group discussions. Each element is designed to challenge you to put the content into action and you will get the most of this workshop by taking an active part.

Many interactive elements

How many people can take part in this course?

This course is designed for a minimum of 10 people up to a maximum of 30 people.

Can you run this training course for my company?

Yes. We can run a private version of this course for future and current technical leaders all working for the same company. Please get in contact for more details.

I’m interested. How do I register?

Choose one of the dates that work for you and follow the link to register.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email. To find future dates for this course, watch out for the announcements by joining Level Up, a curated newsletter for leaders in tech.

What payment options do you support?

Tickets available for publicly scheduled courses via the events platform can be paid with:

  • Debit/credit card (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, American Express) via Stripe
  • Paypal

The ticket purchaser will automatically receive an invoice via the events platform.

If your company would like to pay via bank transfer/invoice this is supported for bulk purchases of 3+ tickets, please get in touch.