Tech Lead Workshop Availability

Reception for the Tech Lead Course has already been very positive since the start of the year. With more inquiries, I wanted to share an up-to-date page showing availability to run a course assuming it’s in Berlin or central Europe.

Please get in touch still if you’re further abroad as I’d need to take into account extra travel time which may or may not be possible due to planned travels.

This page was last updated Sep 30, 2020.

Availability for the future

Please get in touch around potential dates or read more about the Tech Lead Course.

Remote Tech Lead Training

For support of distributed and remote teams, please see the following page: Remote Tech Lead Training and Shortcut to Tech Leadership

Public Courses

For individuals or companies who do not meet the recommended minimum participants (10 people), you might consider attending or sending people to attend public versions of the workshop. These public workshops are often in partnership with a conference or special user group.

Due to COVID-19, all in-person workshops for 2020 have been cancelled.